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The mission is to have impact. These are the stories.



"I can’t thank you enough for all of the assistance you provided me throughout the entire process as I prepared for the PGA of Americas Regional League Manager position. From giving me a heads up about the availability of the position, to the final words of encouragement before my final interview and the countless hours spent emailing and talking along the way, I appreciate your help. 

I have never really built a rapport with many of the career consultants in either the New Jersey, or previously in the Colorado Sections. I have always known who they were, but I never really felt they knew who I was. When I heard that you were being named the new consultant for Colorado and Utah, I immediately knew that things would be different this time. Even before you were in the position, I was looking to you for great advice. In the early months of your new role, I am thankful for the excellent job you are doing already, and I am confident that many more golf professionals will benefit from your expertise.

I know how much time you spent helping me with the preparation needed to get this job, and Colorado and Utah are surely going to be better sections because of your efforts. I am lucky to call you a friend, and I look forward to serving the membership alongside you. As I begin my new position, I will be ecstatic if I am able to have a fraction of the impact that you do."

— Anthony Vitale, PGA

"I really enjoyed our meeting today. I appreciate your assistance with my transition back to the Colorado Section of the PGA. Your insight is very valuable, and I feel blessed to have you as an advocate in the PGA"

— Eric Twesme, PGA

"I’ve always wondered why the PGA doesn’t do more of exactly what you’re doing now. We’ve been able to accomplish in an hour what would normally have taken me 2 weeks."

— Mark Condon, General Manager, The Ranch Country Club

"Thanks and Thank you for a great day. I appreciate your taking the time and especially your input. I am excited about the upcoming hiring season :-)  Have a GREAT day ! ! !"

— Jack Diehl, PGA

"It worked! I was able to negotiate for a fair comp increase with the new owners of the club. The comp information and guidance you provided was a huge help!"

— Cathy Mathews-Kane, PGA

T: So how does this work? Does the PGA just bill me for your time? 
K: Nope, this is part of the services available to you as a Member.
T: That’s ridiculous. Does everyone know about this? If they do, you’re going to be so busy you’ll never sleep.
K: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

— Terra Shehee, PGA

"I want to thank you for recommending Kyle McGee to apply for the FSR position. We are very excited to have him on board and he will be a huge asset for our company and the Colorado Section. Thank you again."

— Brittany Roberts, Cleveland Golf/Srixon

"Thanks for all of this. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me today. I learned a lot about the way I need to be thinking to progress as a golf professional."

— Jack Allen, PGA

"To have someone from the PGA, that I know personally, be willing to sit down and help me figure out how I finish my career strong means a lot. If this is how it is now, you’re going to help a lot of people before this is all over."

— Stewart Koch, PGA

"Keith Soriano was such a pleasure to work with. When we started working together I was unsure whether or not I wanted to remain at my club or venture off to find another opportunity. He considered my passions and personality when helping me search for my perfect dream job. Over the course of two months, Keith constantly helped me locate jobs that fit all of my requirements, he reviewed my resume and cover letter, and supported each decision I made along my dream job journey. After working with Keith for a very short two months, I have received an offer from a club that I fell in love with, and I have accepted the position. Keith made my experience with PGA Employment very enjoyable. He assisted in countless ways to make the process easy, stress free, and fulfilling. No matter where you are looking for your next career, Keith Soriano will be supportive, informative, and amazing in helping you find exactly what you are looking for."

— Rachel Cavalier, PGA 

"It has been a dream for many years to move into Colorado, and it’s evidently a tough market to get into. While I am a well-qualified lady professional, I needed Keith to make this move from North Dakota possible. I don’t know if I could have done it without him. I worked hard on my end to get a job in Denver, but so did Keith. He took the time to learn about me, my goals, and my strengths/weaknesses. He was my inside guy. He provided insight on openings that JobFinder cannot portray - what I would like, what I wouldn’t like, and what would suit me (and my family) best. Without career advisers like Keith, it would be incredibly difficult to PGA Professionals to reach their professional goals. Keith went above and beyond my expectations, and I will absolutely continue to work with him to work on my career goals. He is resourceful, well-connected, and insightful."

— Katie Johnson, PGA

"Keith Soriano has been my career consultant long before he had the official title. After encouraging me to join the PGA Golf Management program, he has helped me to find the next right thing every step of the way. Especially recently, when I didn’t know what direction to go, he encouraged me to aim high and take a leap of faith, which lead to my best career decision yet. Keith has a way to seeing what is right for me, even when I can’t see it myself. Thanks to Keith for being patient when I’m stubborn and showing support when I’m unsure, I’m confident in a bright and positive future in golf."

— Maggie Hartman, PGA

From 2012-2017 I was the Assistant Executive Director for the Colorado PGA and responsible for the Player Development and Foundation operations of the Section.  During that time I was responsible for leading the launch of PGA Junior League, which saw the highest level of adoption and growth in the entire Association, PGA HOPE, The Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado, United States Olympic Committee's FLAME integration with golf, Get Golf Ready, and the expansion of the Colorado PGA Golf in Schools program.  Each of these programs, coupled with the outstanding PGA Professionals in the Colorado Section led to the PGA's Herb Graffis award in 2017.

Colorado PGA Herb Graffis Award Video


Golf Channel PGA Section Spotlight

Herb Graffis Award Acceptance Speech

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