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“We’ve got uniforms and everything. It's really great.”

Jake Taylor - Major League

For those who aren’t old enough to remember the scene, Jake follows his ex-girlfriend Lynn to what he believes is her house only to find out it’s her fiance's place and he is just in time for a dinner party. He settles into the awkward situation with the fiance's friends when we pick up the scene HERE.

At its core, Major League is a redemption story about a group of cast off baseball players who are assembled by the owner of the Cleveland Indians with the intention of becoming a losing team. At the beginning of the movie, they are simply that...a collection of players who happen to be wearing the same uniform but don’t resemble a team. Jake’s joke shows he understands that uniforms are often a symbol of belonging to a group, but that it takes something more to become a team.

As fate would have it, the group of misfits found a bond stronger than their uniform; something that would turn them from lovable losers into division champions. I would argue that what they “found” was culture.

Culture plays a critical role in high performing teams, and starts with clear and effective communication. Culture is about more than a uniform, a logo, or a location. It extends well beyond that to include understanding and caring about each person as an individual, challenging each person on the team, developing shared missions, and showing gratitude.

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